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Who We Are

In March of 2019, our youth soccer club became the official United States partner of Borussia Dortmund’s Academy.  As BVB International Academy, we represent one of the greatest systems of player development and player pathways in the world.  We are deeply honored and carry tremendous responsibility to train, communicate and educate our players and families in the Dortmund Way.  Through parallel training strategies, the full integration of the Borussia Dortmund methodology and a close working relationship with the coaches at the BVB Academy our players will learn, grow and develop on and off the field with character, quality and the determination to be all that they can be. 

The BVB International Academy is comprised of several strong yet unique clubs across the United States.  We have multiple clubs in Texas including locations in Dallas, Houston, Austin with West Texas and San Antonio launching in 2019-2020 soccer year.  Our Kansas Location is just outside of Kansas City in Lawrence, Kansas and is known as the Great Plains.   Our oldest club is in Illinois outside of Chicago in Naperville, and our Middle Tennessee has just started this year!

Our goal is to;

  1. touch the lives of our players through inspiration on and off the field,
  2.  to challenge them with the qualities of leadership, honor, tenacity, respect and a real love for the game itself.  
  3. to strive through strength of character, heart, words and actions to help young players rise to their true potential and exceed their own expectations, thereby paving their ability to succeed for whatever challenges and opportunities lie ahead

We focus on bringing the Borussia Dortmund way of training to life through:

  • Intensity
  • Inspired Coaching
  • Winning Attitude
  • And a real love of the game, the team, our family and the club

We ask one thing from our players- their best effort at all times.  And in return they can expect the best from their club.  We pledge to create the very best training environment, system and player pathway for every player.