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Liverpool FC IA Texas Club Raffle Prizes Awarded

By Nancy Lane, 11/27/18, 8:00AM CST


The Club Raffle this year was a huge success.  Our thanks to all of our parents, friends and neighbors who supported the raffle! 

This year the winners are:

Winner Team/Region Prize
Winner wishes to remain anonymous at this time Keller Region Liverpool Match at Anfield in 2019
Brooke Devaney 08 Redknapp (Josh) Autographed Liverpool Jersey
Rob Cooper 08 G Fowler (Meredith) Blue Sky Sports Center Party
Martin Perez 07 B Beardsley (Saucedo) Blue Sky Sports Center Party
John Benavides 04 B Beardsley (Hastie) Free 2019 Competitive Kit
Kevin Malone 05 G Elite (Flynn) Nordstrom's Gift Card
Hood Family 04 G St. John (Dade) Abuelo's Gift Card
Jill Price 05 B Hunt (Blencoe) Abuelo's Gift Card
Julian D Bona 02 B Hunt (Mole) Abuelo's Gift Card
Kent Erington Barnes (Gutierrez) Chili's Gift Card
Laura Wood 02 B (Hadwick) Chili's Gift Card
Ronnie Skaggs 03 G Fowler (Ward) Chili's Gift Card
Joel Reedy 03 B (Campbell) Collection of Replica Gear
Elistra Chavira 06 B (Wright) Starbucks Gift Card
Lisa Bair 05 B Carragher Starbucks Gift Card
Cedrick Wolniewitz Souness (Devin) Outback Gift Card
Winner Prefers to remain anonymous Unknown team Outback Gift Card
Sara Durrant Carragher Boys (Odoi) Outback Gift Card
Oscar Moreno 07 B Carragher (Miller) Best Buy Gift card
Kristi Reinach 05 B McManaman Best Buy Gift card
Michelle Church 04 B Gerrard (Blanchard) Best Buy Gift card
George Valerjano 04 B Keegan Best Buy Gift card
Jason Loo Elite White (Miller) Outback Gift Card