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Borussia Unites- Holocaust Remembrance Day- January 27th

By Nancy Lane, 01/13/22, 8:15PM CST


Borussia Unites is an important part of the culture here at BVB International Academy.  As the official youth partner of Borussia Dortmund’s Youth Academy, we embrace the courageous stance taken by BVB against all forms of racism, discrimination, Anti-Semitism and bullying.  There is no place in our club whether in Germany or here in the United States for the efforts of a few in our world to tear down, break apart or humiliate any person or group based on their race, religion, ethnicity, gender or any other characteristic in their lives. 

Borussia Unites helps us to focus our efforts on the celebration of humanity championing our great commonality, instead of on our differences.  Talking to players, families, coaches, and our community about this message is a fundamental part of who we are and our message as a club. 

On International Holocaust Remembrance Day January 27th, we will join the world in remembering those lost in this horrific part of history.  For those who wish to join us, we will gather at the club’s Champion’s Field at The Training Grounds on January 27th for a few moments of reflection.  There will be some music, a few words and a symbolic remembrance of the more than 6 million Jews who lost their lives in the Holocaust. 

While we understand that not everyone will be able to make it, we ask that if you can come to participate, please share with your players that this will not be a different kind of visit to the fields.  We ask that the players not come with the intent to “play” on the field.  We will conduct ourselves with decorum and understanding for this ceremony.  If players wish to stand together through the ceremony, they can meet outside the gates in the parking lot, and walk in together.

There will be a banner to be unfurled at midfield as candles are lit in honor of those who lost their lives.  The entire ceremony will last only approximately 30 minutes.  We ask that you consider the following:

  • Please arrive at 6:30 to ‘meet’ with the team if that is your desire. 
  • Once you enter the field area, please refrain from loud talking, shouting or calling out.
  • The ceremony will start at 7:00pm
  • If it is possible, please wear yellow, gray, white or black shirts/ jackets if possible.   EVERYONE is welcome, please do not let the color of clothing  be the deciding factor… just if possible wear those colors to show your support of the club.   Players can wear their yellow or black jerseys over a warmer undergarment if they choose
  • Parking will be throughout the complex and in the field just north of the Champion’s field.
  • If you have any special requests that can be shared, relatives who lost their lives, families who you want remembered, please feel free to email me their names.

This is our step 1 for creating a part of Borussia Unites that players can experience.  Please consider allowing your players to attend.  More will come in April with additional gateway programs being organized for different age groups.

Thank you,

BVB IA Texas