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BVB 2020 Raffle Winners

By Nancy Lane, 10/24/20, 12:00PM CDT


On behalf of BVB International Academy North Texas, we want to thank all of our amazing parents, players and coaches for their support of the 2020 BVB Club Raffle!  We had an excellent turnout and the support of this event will allow us to use the funds raised for continued support of our players and teams.  This includes support for our scholarship players, improvements in our fields and facilities, continued coaching education…etc.  We hope all of the winners enjoy their prizes and we look forward to a great year ahead!   Any questions, email Nancy Lane at

2020 Raffle Prizes Team Coach Winner Name
Flat Screen TV from Best Buy 10 G Yellow West Ever Olivas Rita Quinonez
Laptop Computer 11 B Black East Cameron Brown Trent Bush
Guided Fishing Trip on Lake Ray Roberts (TBA)
Gift Cards Team Coach Winner Name
Abuelos 2011 G Weston Skinner, Lori
Outback 2007 B White Proctor Speaks, Ryan
Home Depot 07 B Black Salcedo Wilkins
Best Buy 10 B Black Novoa Ratcliff
Best Buy 06 B Yellow Hernandez Fragoso
Starbucks 10 G Puma Oldham Macfee, Riley
Amazon Gift Card Franco Ramirez, Paige
Nordstrom's 05 B Puma Wright Apple, Victoria
Target 06 Green North Cantu Contreras
Target 2010 G Black Odoi Phegley, Carolyn
Target 2011 B White Santeliz Morales, Carlos
Target 2013 B Black Oldham, J Rodriguez, Omar

We also want to recognize and share our appreciation to several of our players for their extraordinary efforts to sell above and beyond the required 15 tickets.  We are proud and grateful!  Prizes for most tickets sold are as follows:

Bronze Status- $25.00 VISA Gift Card

25 tickets- Jaxton Sharp- 2008 B Yellow East (Brown)

25 tickets – Jett Manders – 2009 B Green (Curiel)

25 tickets-Adam Nova- 2008 B Black (Novoa)

26 tickets- Maxwell Juell- 2010 B Gold (Curiel)

26 tickets- Finn Holobowics- 2012 B (Oldham)

27 tickets- Braeden Bradley- 04 G Puma (Molina)

28 tickets-Faith Ramirez- 2008 G Black West (Franco)


Silver Status- $50.00 VISA Gift Card

30 tickets-Andrew Rosen- 07 B Yellow (Proctor)

30 tickets – Koi Benevides- 2010 B Green (Santeliz)

30 tickets- Jack Worley- 2010 B Puma (Smith)

33 tickets- Liam Compton- 2014 B Gold (Janis)

34 tickets- Tanner Jones- 2011 Boys Yellow East (Brown)


Gold Status- $75.00 VISA Gift Card

35 tickets- Alana Mulkey- 2013 G Puma South (Amigon)

35 tickets- Skylar Quinton- 2013 G White South (Amigon)

35 tickets- Aden Langham- 05 Boys Black (Villegas)

40 tickets- Caleb Gaule- 05 B Puma (Wright)

40 tickets- Jacob Viator – 07 Boys White (Proctor)


Platinum Status- $100.00 Gift Card

42 tickets- Jacob Lara- 2006 Boys Green North (Cantu)

48 tickets- Presley To- 2012 Girls Premier South (Diffrient)

52 tickets- Trenton Quillen- 2011 B Black East (Brown)


Grand Prize – High Ticket Seller- 200.00 gift card

55 TICKETS!!!  - Hayden Ratcliff- 2010 B Black (Novoa)