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Club Update on Covid-19

By Nancy Lane, 04/16/20, 11:00AM CDT



Greetings to all our BVB IA North Texas families

These past few weeks have certainly been a challenge for all of us with the COVID-19 situation.   The club is staying abreast of the latest developments and news reports with keen anticipation that we will be able to get back on the fields again very soon.    We hope you and your family are well during this time and want to say that we are here for all our families should the need arise. 

We have seen during the past few weeks an amazing willingness of people all over the state, nation and the world to accept short-term hardships with resilience, faith and a sense of community.  We believe that by respecting the guidelines set forth by our government leaders that we will surely find ourselves back on the soccer fields and cheering forth the BVB teams and our players sooner rather than later.

Currently, in accordance with our local directives, our club fields/activities remain closed until at the earliest May 4th.  If between now and then, new directions and opportunities present themselves, we will be in contact with each of you promptly.  Until then, you can always reach us with questions at and someone will be back in touch with you directly.

Thank you for your continued patience as we eagerly anticipate seeing the players back on the pitch again, playing the game they love.


All the best,

BVB IA North Texas